Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I met some of my friends when studying in starbucks.. I flashback all the memories.. I found that life is just so simple and it past so fast. I don't even have time to think about my steps and i just move on. so smile when we are living even when you met an obstacle. Trust me. This will makes you feel better.. It won't cure your scar but at least you did smile rather than thinking of it.. Make your move before any regrets. Because time doesn't wait.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Haiz... long time didn't blog already... Pretty busy for preparation for trial as it is just around the corner... Actually its tomorrow... i always feel lazy to blog... Because i hate to resize photos... by the way just here to wish everyone luck in their exams too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mothers day

the main dish



i simply like this dish

the dish

mothers day cake


mum, er pe mu, min and i

me,mum and wai po

Mother's day is a day where we show our gratefulness and love to our mother. Because it is wesak day so all of us went for vegetarian dinner. eventually, vegetarian food in equatorial is simply nice and delicious. wan was back on that day to celebrate mother's day....( see she is back for food)... On sunday the day itself, i went to waipo house in butterworth to wishher a happy mother's day.

Wesak Day


the flower water



min ad i meeting our primary teacher

shi fu pass the merits to birthday guys on that day

Birthday Boy's for the month of April

It had been long since i update my blog. We celebrate erpe, yao and li's birthday in one shot. Although it is now quite late i just want to say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

the watch

min and i


the presenting of present
fererro rocher

the birthday family

note the cake

i'm the only one looking at the camera

da pe and yao

singing birthday song to li

li's birthday cake

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday MUM

I know you'll miss dad so i post pictures for both of you...
Today its your birthday... Both me and jov are your good daughter for not saying out your age here.... If i will i'll just say "MY MUM IS FOREVER 21... that is why she shops there too...." That day we celebrate together... Me and shi ting had been great daughters to go aound with her... Jov and dad were not here... we had lunch at manila place in gurney and watched the movie "confession of a shopaholic".... How i wish i was rich enough to buy everything i like without looking at the price.... After that we were crazy enough to shop from one mall to the other...we went to queensbay mall after that....weshop aroung and had dinner at pizza hut... Dad and sis both called...Besides me and shi ting had been taking lame shots around(lookat shi ting's blog)....
Another birthday call for mum... Happy Birthday Mum...

My gift to mum

From hereyou can seehow weird is my chinese writing

mum and shi ting

me an mum

Shopaholic... Nice show....

Mum talking to sis on phone... with a birthday treat from pizza hut...

mum held gift from shi ting...

mum and i again

me and shi ting

The night Before

The day before my mum's birthday i was so damn busy with my school stuff and tuition... i know i wouldn't have time to bake a cake...and mum is not working on fridays... i had no choice but to be awake during the midnight and bake her a cake... She never knows that i will be calling my relatives at night to celebrate with her... I just tried to make some noise around the house since this year dad is not around to accompany her... anyway the birthday cake surprise ended up not that surprising... because eventually she woke up and smelled the cake... But i know she is touched for that....

Cake that i baked... and sis favourite"kinder bueno"

mum and i

The chous and mum


min and i... photo taken by yao
Before i forget,yao was smiling bracely as in now he is no longer having ugly teeth...